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DIRECTV for BUSINESS goes Interactive.

/  Interactive Product Guide

Introducing our advanced UI/UX tool for DIRECTV for Business, designed to empower sales teams and boost sales success.

This interactive guide helps L&I dealers and direct sales teams effectively showcase the innovative features of our products:


-  Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP): Combining traditional live TV, streaming apps, and On Demand content.

-  HD COM: DIRECTV service tailored for properties with high room counts.

-  DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE): Offering a comprehensive residential channel lineup.


Focused on the AEP platform, this guide also provides insights into HD COM and DRE, allowing flexibility in presentations.

This high-tech interactive guide features top navigation and footer elements in HTML, while the body consists of an easy to access web platform. It enhances customer engagement, streamlines the sales process, and drives success for the sales team.

Experience a new era of sales efficiency and customer satisfaction with our innovative interactive guide for DIRECTV for Business.





Optional ability to use guest’s own mobile device as remote


DIRECTV streaming solution / STAYCAST


Antimicrobial remote


Closed Captioning and parental controls

DIRECTV Technical Systems

Cloud-based content delivery and system updates

AEP Set top box

Pro:Idiom Mobile content protection

No PMS integration required

HD COM system

AEP and Home Screens


Showcase the AEP screen, where the user can click on each of the programming app tiles and an example of the content will show in the content screen.  

  • Channel Guide - tile on the home screen burst 'Best of linear live TV’

  • On Demand - tile on the home screen burst 'Free-to-guest access to thousands of programs streamed on demand'

  • Property Info App – tile on the home screen burst 'Customizable Property Info App included at no extra cost!'

  • Showtime App – tile on the home screen burst 'Free-to-guest premium content'

  • Hallmark

  • Music Choice

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


[ 1 ]  Home Page

[ 2 ]  Customizable Home Screen and Features

​[ 3 ]  Apps and Programming


[ 4 ]  Intuitive Guest Experience


[ 5 ]  Technical Attributes


Target Audience:  L&I Dealers and direct sales team  


Assignment: KERN to develop an interactive guide that gives an in-depth look at the AEP product, HD COM and DRE systems. KERN will host the domain.


360 Mobile Portrait

  • Cloud-based content delivery and system updates.

  • Hardware solutions: AEP set top box, the HD COM system, and icons to represent the cloud-based content delivery and updates.

  • Solution set top box terminates industry standard Pro:Idiom Mobile content protection.

  • Set top box can be easily hidden by mounting it behind the in-room television or placing it behind furniture.

  • No PMS integration required.

  • Set-top boxes reset every day to remove any guest viewing or authentication history.

APPS & Channels - Mobile Menu

AEP Features - Mobile Menu

AEP System - Mobile Menu

AEP Home Screen - Mobile Menu

Main - Mobile Menu

AEP  - Mobile Page

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